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Welcome to RadScribe BD!

We specialize in providing comprehensive training programs designed to equip aspiring healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

We offer rigorous training programs that cover a wide range of essential topics, including medical terminology, patient charting and HIPAA compliance. Our curriculum is developed and delivered by industry experts who are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education.

Upon successful completion of our training program and assessment, graduates are eligible for employment with RadScribe, a leading US-based company specializing in medical scribe services. As a RadScribe employee, you will have the opportunity to work alongside healthcare providers in a variety of clinical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.

Why Choose RadScribeBD?

RadScribe BD is part of the global network of RadScribe USA- RadAcademy. We specialize in delivering comprehensive training programs uniquely designed to prepare aspiring medical scribes with the essential skills and knowledge required for excellence in the field.

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Industry-Leading Training

Our programs meet top standards, giving you vital skills for success as a medical scribe.


Training Stipend 

Candidates enrolled in the RadScribe BD training program will receive a monthly stipend throughout their training period.


Career Opportunity 

Receive the opportunity to work as a medical scribe for RadScribe USA!

What it Means to be a Scribe

A certified medical scribe is someone who works under the supervision of a radiologist. The primary role of the scribe is to enhance and provide an official interpretation in the form of a written report. As a scribe you will review patients documented electronic medical records in real time as a provider assesses and examines the images. You will record and document the patients medical history, physical exam, procedures, findings and diagnosis. You then review the records- checking for spelling and grammar then send them to final review.


If you are interested in starting a dynamic career in a growing field, our Radiology Scribe Training course is the perfect fit. This role can be wide-ranging, granting the opportunity to work with different Radiologists all over the world. Additionally, the recent, vast adoption of remote work has accelerated what was already an increasingly high demand for competent radiology scribe.

Working from Home

Join Our Team as a Medical Scribe

Our Program

Welcome to RadScribe BD's comprehensive 2-month Medical Scribe Training Program. This program is designed to provide aspiring healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as medical scribes, preparing them for a rewarding career with RadScribe USA.


2-month Medical Scribe Training Program

Training Location

RadAcademy Course Details 

Medical Terminology

Gain a solid foundation in medical terminology, including common prefixes, suffixes, and root words used in healthcare documentation.

HIPPA Compliance 

Learn about patient privacy laws and regulations to ensure compliance with HIPAA standards in all aspects of medical documentation.

Effective Communication 

Develop strong communication skills to interact with healthcare providers, professionally and effectively.

Medical Ethics and Professionalism

Explore ethical considerations and professional standards relevant to the role of a medical scribe in healthcare settings.

Course Objectives

  • Mission
    This program prepares students competently and effectively as a complete helping hand for Radiologists in preparing reports by using many AI applications. The academic foundation in the curriculum develops graduates with professional flexibility and adaptability to assume prominent roles and responsibilities after graduation.

  • Goals
    RadAcademy develops competent and effective Radiology Scribes. The curriculum, teaching methods, and philosophy promote the development of integrative, critical thinking, and communication skills to give Radiology Scribes complete contentment. RadAcademy supports the development of skills that are necessary to work with radiologists as integral team members in the radiology world.

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Why Choose RadScribe BD?

Industry-Leading Training

Our training programs are designed to meet the highest standards of excellence, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a medical scribe.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, you'll have the opportunity to join RadScribe, a reputable company with a track record of providing exceptional scribe services to healthcare providers across the United States.

Supportive Learning Environment

Our experienced instructors are committed to providing personalized support and guidance throughout your training journey, ensuring that you have the resources you need to succeed.

Path to Success

With RadScribe BD, you'll gain the tools and experience necessary to launch a successful career in the healthcare industry, making a meaningful impact on patient care while advancing your professional goals.


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