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Doctor and Patient


Why RadScribe Virtual Scribes ?​

  • Better accuracy of data input.

  • Lower cost service to the practitioner.

  • More patients seen per day (increase in revenue).

  • More after hours personal time with family and friends.

  • Less invasive approach (majority of patients surveyed did not want a third party in the room).

  • Less time in front of a computer and more meaningful engagement between physician and patient.


Our structured reports are tailored to meet the needs of individual hospitals, specialty practices or individual radiologists without requiring the radiologist to change the content of their dictations. More than likely, the report content differs between radiologists; however, the overall body of the reports are engineered to compliment each other. This successfully  "brands" your radiology practice as one that consistently produces very high-quality radiology reports.


We understand there are many disciplines of medicine, and RadScribe tailors our solution according to our clients specific needs. However, providing industry leading structured reports is where RadScribe shines! Our experienced Virtual Scribes (VS) deliver fast and accurate reports at a fraction of the cost of competing services considering our level of service and experience.


Today’s radiologists desire radio logical partners who can help them achieve accurate, detailed reports delivered fast. Patients are waiting and referring physicians will soon come to rely on your fast turnaround times as a result of partnering with RadScribe!

How do we deliver ?

RadScribe specializes in preparing coveted diagnostic interpretations and match clients with a dedicated team to meet your ever-changing needs.

Solution deliverables.

  • 24/7 Active support

  • RadScribe assigns a dedicated Account Manager and Team Leader which mirrors contracted reading schedules each day.

  • Our Virtual Scribes underpin our service solution. Many of our Virtual Scribes have served the same radiologists for several years.

  • Customized templates based on the benchmarks establish by the American College of Radiology 

  • Easy integrates with your reading style regardless of current workstation ecosystem Confidentiality

  • All RadScribe employees sign Confidentiality agreements and undertake confidentiality trainings and briefings.

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Our solution delivers the lowest cost associated with creating diagnostic interpretations.

  • Structured Report Formatting – RadScribe places each finding into the proper location in a structured report.  If there is no finding for a particular section, a default structured language statement is inserted.  This allows our partnering Radiologists to see gains up to 30% in efficiency versus competing solutions.

  • By allowing the radiologist to keep his/her eyes on the images rather than continually switching their attention between the images and the report our solution innately reduces errors and minimizes fatigue.


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