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Call Center Employee


The backbone of any Healthcare Driven Industry is the QUALITY of the customer service rendered to the clients or the Healthcare firms. Great customer service starts when the Industry keeps a keen eye on the customer-centric ideology and aiding them by providing services which are meant to be accustomed.

Services of HIPPA Compliant customer support or Call center


Web based on-call personal schedule Management

An on-call schedule is one that ensures whether the right person is always accessible, day or night, to quickly respond to any occurrence and outages. The Live-voice service in an on-call schedule is available 24/7 and provides customized service to meet the requirements and services. An effective on-call schedule that’s tailored to the medical firm cinches the trust of the customers and makes sure that they rely 100% on the Customer service to get a quicker and consistent support for all potential and valid happenings. Also, it minimizes the risk of scheduling errors and missed issues.


Online Appointment Scheduling

The services to the patients begins even before they step into the portals of the Hospital. And the primary step taken by any client is to review the services provided and the level of the customer satisfaction received. According to a recent survey, by 2024 the consulting firm predicts that 84% of patients will schedule appointments digitally at U.S. health systems, compared with just 54% in 2019. Thus an online appointment scheduling gives aid to a millennial patients who are entwined to technology as it saves time as well as provides transparency. The Ultimate goal is to make patients reach doctor as easily as ordering on Amazon as per their feasibility.


Automated and Live Agent Appointment Reminder Call Service

The world we live in is at a constant pace of updating technology in order to save time and to be more efficient. Be it any business venture or personal shopping, we aspire for dazzle free services. And an Automated and Live Agent Appointment Reminder Call Service, ensures that our days are streamlined leaving no crater to unlearn the booked appointment. Thereby helping you to reduce staff time, reduce no-shows and debar last-minute cancellations. And this reminder includes phone appointment reminders (live process), Automated call reminders (recording a message that dials out to the clients) and calendar reminders to the clients based on Google Calendar depending upon the choice of the clients, customer or patient.


Web Call-back

In an expeditious world, where the people are always on heels it would aggravate any individual who has to wait on call even if the window ranges for few seconds. Therfore, a very outside-the-box solution that consumers and heath service providers can both appreciate is the technology of “callback” or “virtual hold”. For further information on the services rendered by the Healthcare the clients or patients visiting the website can anytime opt for a call back just by filling the required details and within no time a customer representative would address the call and cater to the needs of the client.


Text and Email Solutions

In order to avoid breaches HIPPA offers to make the personnal information more confidential by communicating through text, email, and messaging for communication and collaboration. The availability of text message dispatch makes sure that the right staff navigates to the right place when the right message is received. Email management services can be developed to support individuals, groups, and teams of medical personnel in varied locations so that everyone remains on the same page, and at the same time can also focus on their fundamental duties.

We at RadScribe offer all the undivided qualitative aforesaid services at HIPPA Compliant customer support . Do feel free to contact us for any queries on the same.

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