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X-Ray Results


Virtual Assistant Workflow

The Virtual Machine Software-as-a-Service (VM-SAAS) is an advanced technology platform combining hardware and software features united through a simple and user-friendly interface. The workstation, illustrated in the model below, integrates the operation of multiple clinical workstations into one centralized reading system. The overall goals are to achieve the greatest efficiency resulting in clinical accuracy.

Each VM (Virtual Machine) will be supported by one VA who will partner with the Radiologist during their shift, working through each case from chart selection to the final signing of the prepared report that will be submitted back to the referring physician.

Benefit of Using RadScribe’s Virtual Assistant

Let's compare two workflows when reading X-ray’s with an example of an interpretation with and without Virtual Assistants.

With Virtual Assistant

With Virtual Assistant.jpg


The overall time taken by a Radiologist to interpret the report without VA is 2.02 minutes based on existing reading methods.

Without Virtual Assistant

Without Virtual Assistants.jpg

The overall time taken by a Radiologist to interpret the report with a Virtual Assistant and VM-SAAS software is 50 seconds; having reviewed the images twice while reducing the reading time by an average of 61% and with more reporting accuracy.


We look forward to scheduling a demo of our Virtual Assistants Solution and sharing our remarkable platform so that you can provide the highest quality of patient care.

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