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Do You Work With Other Specialties Outside Of Radiology?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Although RadScribe’s Virtual Scribe Solution was deployed over 12 years ago in one of the nation’s largest general radiology practices and delivered immediate efficiency gains, enhanced quality throughout the reporting process, and drastically improved the quality of work life balance, our Virtual Scribe Solution can be installed with similar results outside of radiology.

Supported Specialties

  1. Orthopedics

  2. Cardiology

  3. Neurology/Neuroscience

  4. Urology

  5. Oncology

  6. Radiology

  7. Allergy, ENT, Head & Neck

This is not a comprehensive list and welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs. At the heart of our service offering is our ability to tailor a support solution based on our partner’s desired outcomes. Ready to get started?


A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room


Increase efficiency & work-life balance

Focus on what you enjoy

Highest quality in patient care

Quality reporting & charting

Reduce operational service costs

Prevent patient privacy breach


Try our services for an entire week for only $1. We will custom design our solution to fit your unique needs. Cancel anytime. 

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