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Does a Virtual Scribe Service Solution Make Sense for Your Radiology Practice?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Today’s radiology practice is either a solo-practitioner or more than 35 FTE radiologists, they are keenly aware that the volume of images is increasing, reimbursements are declining, and not to mention, the number of practicing radiologists are declining as well. RadScribe‘s Virtual Scribe Service Solution (VS-SaaS) speaks directly to the daunting task of doing more with less.

RadScribe can help you achieve efficiency gains upwards of 30%, detailed and accurate diagnostic interpretations, while enhancing quality throughout the reporting process. It is quite possible that VS-SaaS may change your physician recruitment strategy.

SC anxiety - [scan-zi-etee) noun. - the fear, anxiety, and worry while waiting for imaging test results that many patients experience. These patients are eagerly awaiting their test results and referring physicians will grow to rely on your radiological services due to the fast turnaround times as a result of partnering with RadScribe!

If you enjoy making calls and sitting on-hold to deliver your critical findings, locating prior patient images and histories, fighting with your keyboard and word processing programs while preparing the diagnostic interpretation, and locating the ever-changing login credentials for the myriad of desperate systems, then VS-SaaS may not be the solution for your practice. However, if you find value in decreasing the probability of a missed diagnosis, ability to delegate ancillary reporting responsibilities, working with VSs and your structured language by modality for reporting impressions and findings, and getting reacquainted with your family. Then, VS-SaaS is definitely for you!

Let us discuss the next steps and arrange a test drive for our proven Virtual Scribe Service Solution.

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Increase efficiency & work-life balance

Focus on what you enjoy

Highest quality in patient care

Quality reporting & charting

Reduce operational service costs

Prevent patient privacy breach


Try our services for an entire week for only $1. We will custom design our solution to fit your unique needs. Cancel anytime. 

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